Party Royale will be Fortnite’s first non-combat game mode

Party Royale will, reportedly, be Fortnite’s first non-combat game mode. Select members of the Fortnite media received an email from Epic Games explaining as much.

This mode will focus on chilling and having fun with your friends. Building and the use of weapons are, reportedly, turned off. This is all of the information Epic released to the public.

Of course, data miners got their hands on the vbuck generator game files and found out a whole lot more about what will be coming. Here’s what to expect.

New Map

According to the Fortnite leaks, the Party Royale mode will include a new map. This will be smaller than the base map for fewer players.

We don’t know exactly how many players will join each Party Royale mode. It seems likely that Epic will expand their player count from the 16-cap in Creative.

Via: iFireMonkey


Part of the Party Royale experience will be several minigames scattered around the map. As you can see from the image above, there will be several markers where you can find minigames to play alone or with friends.

We’ve seen twelve unique markers leaked, so far, as well as a Deadpool/Peely minigame that appears to play as an 8-bit video game.

Exclusive items & emotes

Epic have also provided us with some exclusive v buck generator items and emotes to use in Party Royale. According to @iFireMonkey, these emotes will only be available for use in Party Royale.

We can assume that these will be used in the same way as the event emotes during the Astronomical concert. They’ll likely appear on your front wheel for easy access.

We’ll also be getting some exclusive items and weapons in Party Royale. Instead of killing one another, these items will focus on moving around and splashing friends with paint.

So far, we’ve seen the Paint Launcher, Plunger Bow, Tomato Grenade, and many other items linked to Party Royale. We’ll also, reportedly, be able to use the Quad Crasher, Boat, and Choppa.

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