Kai “Kquid” Eaton ranks among the best players in Australia

Kai “Kquid” Eaton ranks among the best players in Australia and New Zealand. After his 5th place finish at the Australia Open solo event, there’s a good reason to put him among the likes of Parpy and Volx – two previously established players


As of today, Kquid boasts a Twitch audience approaching 50,000 which he streams regularly to. Today was supposed to be free v buck generator one of those aforementioned “regular streaming days” – until one of the worst things a player can read showed up on Kquid’s stream: “Banned”


As Kquid jumped out of the battle bus in game three, he was promptly force ejected from the game and sent back to the launcher. Here is that moment:

courtesy of Twitch.tv/KquidAU

Kquid assumes that he was falsely banned due to the fact that he switched computers and IP addresses between events due to connectivity issues. Here is Kquid’s entire statement:

On Thursday, when I was trying to play, I kept getting kicked out of them, not sure what to do at all, when I played on my brother’s PC it let me play. So for FNCS Week 1 Day 1 I had to go to someone else’s house and use their PC, everything was fine. They let me take the PC home so I could play day 2. This morning, i got kicked out of 1 game on this PC, Then it didn’t happen again, then it happened again, but kept happening, went back on my main pc and it worked, then switched back over and it just worked again. So i played FNCS Day 2

I got like 50 or something points game 1, then game 2, in the bus, got kicked out of the game. It said that it was because someone else logged onto my account, confused, I reset my password and logged back in, and it said i was banned. No idea what to do

FNCS Solos has been an event I’ve wanted since trios, and now that it’s here I can’t play week 1 or 2 unless Epic unbans me right now or they auto qual me for week 2.

I stream everyday so obv can’t be cheating or using a VPN. Also top 5ed at a LAN.


The problem with a false ban situation arising during the Solo Fortnite Championship Series Invitational is that qualifying for the next round is reliant on a two day ladder. Points from both Saturday and Sunday are combined into one final score free v bucks generator. The top 300 players move on to Round 2, while the path to success for any players who don’t qualify is significantly harder

If Epic doesn’t step in early enough, Kquid may be forced to test his luck in the Reboot round. 520 players compete in the Reboot round where only 20 players advance. When I asked Kquid about his ability to advance through the Reboot round he said, “If i miss out on playing week 2 I am confident i would top 20 in the reboot round and qualify for grand finals.”

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