Fortnite in v12.20. They now feature Deadpool

Deadpool is set to be one of – if not the – most popular skins in Fortnite. Everyone who purchased the Season 2 Battle Pass is going to rock this style when it, eventually, comes out.

Until then, all we can do is complete our two weekly challenges and wait for the release. Fortnite v12.20 came out today and brought two weeks’ worth of leaked Deadpool challenges with it.

We’ll start with the challenges that will become available this Friday, March 20. You’ll have to find Deadpool’s stuffed unicorn and visit different bridges.

This one will be easy enough v buck generator, and we’ll have a guide posted when the challenges go live. Despite what you might see in YouTube videos, no one knows where the unicorn will be until the challenges come out.

Next week, we’ll need to find a marker and “deface” recruitment posters. These are scattered around the map in all of the POIs. Defacing them could mean destroying them or spraying over them.

The rewards for the next two weeks of challenges are a loading screen and a weapon wrap. As is the case with most Fortnite ‘secret’ skins, we will probably see Deadpool in week 7.

Speaking of recruitment posters, a few new posters were added to Fortnite in v12.20. They now feature Deadpool and are likely replacing the current posters that we see around the map.

As stated, we’ll keep you updated with guides and everything else you need to know to be among the first players to unlock the Deadpool skin.

It’s been a long wait since we first found out that Deadpool was coming to the game. Now, we’re only a couple of weeks away.

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