Fortnite Deadpool challenges for Chapter 2, Season 2 Week 5

Fortnite, even as the conflict between GHOST and SHADOW moves from skin voting to outright hostility in the new operations modes. It’s one of the strangest sub-plots we’ve had in the game so far, moving between finding objects in HQ, which is more or less a highly-animated menu, to doing occasional things on the map. They’ve also been pretty simple so far, which is an interesting twist when all previous challenge skins have been some of the hardest to obtain in the game. We’ve already got an early look at the challenges for Week 5 thanks to a datamined leak, so let’s take a look.

Fortnite Deadpool challenges for Chapter 2, Season 2, Week 5:

  • Find Deadpool’s stuffed unicorn
  • Embrace the rainbow by visiting the red, yellow, green, blue and purple bridges.

We assume that the unicorn is hidden v buck generator somewhere in HQ, because that’s where all of Deadpool’s stuff has been hidden so far. My bet would be in Meowscle’s new room, because we’ll be getting access to it for the first time tomorrow. But it could be anywhere.

Doing all of these will net you a loading screen reward. Not quite the same as a piece of character cosmetic, but we’ll take it.Today In: Games

Visiting the bridges is a little more involved that what we’ve seen from Deadpool so far, but that’s a low bar: doing something like destroying toilets is super straightforward, but still a little harder to do than just not thanking the bus driver, which remains one of my favorite challenges. These things have been on the map since the beginning of Chapter 2, but we’ll have a guide for anyone that wants to hit them all.

And that’s it. Remember that these go live on Friday, not Thursday, so you’ll have some time to get familiar with Mewoscles before we get to doing these. We all need a little gaming right now, and Fortnite is a good place to get it. Check back tomorrow for complete guides on all of Meowscle’s challenges, and Friday for Deadpool’s challenges.

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