Epic have been very sneaky with the recent game update

Epic have been very sneaky with the recent game update, as they’ve smuggled in several secret challenges including one which revolves around finding gnomes and Fortnite Aim Telescope locations in Weeping Woods. A clue was at least placed on the Daily Assignment board within the Battle Pass area, as several pictures appeared on this display beside the map and one of them included a gnome. We’ve seen these garden ornaments before as the basis for challenges in Fortnite, but not as well hidden as this.

There’s a cabin tucked away in Weeping Woods with a hidden bunker beneath it which forms the focal point for this secret For The Gnomes challenge, but for more details on that you should check out our Fortnite Honey Pot locations guide as you only need to head inside there for the other secret For The Bears challenge. We’re just going to be skirting around the cabin for this task, so if you want a chunk of extra XP to boost your progress in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, then we’ve got all of the Fortnite Aim Telescope locations to complete the For The Gnomes challenge.

Fortnite Aim Telescope locations

We’ve zoomed the map in for this one, as all of the Fortnite Aim Telescope locations are grouped fairly close together in Weeping Woods. In fact, they’re all contained within the grid reference C5, so make that your destination.

At each of the five points we’ve marked, you’ll find several gnomes along with items of radio equipment free v bucks generator and, most importantly, a telescope. Approach this and follow the Aim Telescope prompt to tick it off your list, and once you’ve adjusted all five of them you’ll receive your bonus XP. If you look carefully, you’ll also see that each telescope you’ve aimed now points towards the Weeping Woods cabin with the secret bunker underneath!

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