Kai “Kquid” Eaton ranks among the best players in Australia

Kai “Kquid” Eaton ranks among the best players in Australia and New Zealand. After his 5th place finish at the Australia Open solo event, there’s a good reason to put him among the likes of Parpy and Volx – two previously established players As of today, Kquid boasts a Twitch audience approaching 50,000 which he

Fortnite dip into Party Royale for a little while and tour its island

After zipping through space, swimming under the ocean, and generally gazing up at the goliath-sized crotch of rapper Travis Scott during Fornite’s latest live event, everybody was dropped back into a normal match. Gone were the pyrotechnics, the pause to combat. Guns reappeared in people’s hands, kill totals back on screen. The feeling of excitement

Party Royale will be Fortnite’s first non-combat game mode

Party Royale will, reportedly, be Fortnite’s first non-combat game mode. Select members of the Fortnite media received an email from Epic Games explaining as much. This mode will focus on chilling and having fun with your friends. Building and the use of weapons are, reportedly, turned off. This is all of the information Epic released

The recent Travis Scott concert, for instance, drew 27.7 million unique players

Fortnite is a battle royale game, the operative word being “battle”: For all the building and dancing and stuff you can do, the bottom-line name of the game is to shoot people and be the last person left alive. Yet the biggest, most memorable Fortnite events are often those that don’t involve mass murder.  The recent Travis


The Fortnite v12.40 update went live earlier today and in this update, data-miners were able to leak the new cosmetics that were added. The cosmetics that were leaked include Skins, Back Blings, Pickaxes, Gliders, Emotes/Dances, Wraps and a new contrail. Data-miners could also see that there were six encrypted files that were also added in this update. There have

Epic have been very sneaky with the recent game update

Epic have been very sneaky with the recent game update, as they’ve smuggled in several secret challenges including one which revolves around finding gnomes and Fortnite Aim Telescope locations in Weeping Woods. A clue was at least placed on the Daily Assignment board within the Battle Pass area, as several pictures appeared on this display

Fortnite Deadpool challenges for Chapter 2, Season 2 Week 5

Fortnite, even as the conflict between GHOST and SHADOW moves from skin voting to outright hostility in the new operations modes. It’s one of the strangest sub-plots we’ve had in the game so far, moving between finding objects in HQ, which is more or less a highly-animated menu, to doing occasional things on the map.

Fortnite in v12.20. They now feature Deadpool

Deadpool is set to be one of – if not the – most popular skins in Fortnite. Everyone who purchased the Season 2 Battle Pass is going to rock this style when it, eventually, comes out. Until then, all we can do is complete our two weekly challenges and wait for the release. Fortnite v12.20

Epic Games announced today that it won’t be hosting any Fortnite tournaments

Epic Games announced today that it won’t be hosting any Fortnite tournaments with cash prizes until it addresses performance issues affecting both players and the game’s servers. “Our goal is to improve performance before kicking off any cash prized competition,” the company said in a statement. Fortnite Competitive✔@FNCompetitive For Chapter 2 – Season 2, we’re working to address performance

black hole event that led to Fortnite’s big chapter 2 reboot

Fortnite is weird again — and I couldn’t be happier. The game’s latest season finally launched yesterday and, on the surface at least, it seems like a standard update. It has a new secret agent theme, with opposing factions and lots of new stealth gameplay options. But look beyond the well-tailored suits and you’ll find something even more